key stage inspections are crucial quality control measures that ensure a building is constructed safely & can be formed as a key part of snagging construction, in compliance with regulations, and according to approved plans. The reports generated from these inspections are vital in documenting compliance, communicating issues, and ensuring legal adherence throughout the construction process.

Below are a list of Your Developers Key Stage inspections when competent Building Inspector will attend the site to view the build stage

Key Stage Inspection : Excavation

Key stage inspection excavtion

Depth and Dimensions: Inspectors verify that the excavation’s depth, width, and dimensions conform to the specifications outlined in the architectural and engineering plans. This ensures the foundation will fit the intended design.Snagging in construction #1

Shoring and Support Systems: If required by the site conditions, inspectors examine shoring, bracing, or other support systems installed to prevent cave-ins or collapses during excavation.

Soil Conditions: The condition of the soil is examined to ensure it is suitable for construction. Inspectors look for signs of unstable soil, excessive moisture, or any other factors that might compromise the foundation’s stability.

Line and level ensure the accurate horizontal alignment and evenness of surfaces, while concrete depth ensures the adequate thickness for load-bearing capacity and structural integrity in construction.For more check out this link

Key Stage Inspection : Superstructure

Construction snagging

Superstructure brickwork is checked for tolerances and appearance, Cavity trays & lintels are checked for bearings and close attention is taken to wall ties spacing,Finally joist if visible will be inspected from below to make sure plenty of glue has been applied to the joints.Wallplate should be bedded level and fixed secure.For more check out this link Snagging construction #2

Key Stage Inspection : Pre-Plaster snagging construction

snagging construction - pre plaster

Preplaster all internal first fix work is inspected – Block work,lintels,Stairs,Joinery Stud work,Plumbing 1st fix,Electrical 1st fix – Windows,roofs and ventilation are all checked.This is ideal time to view a home without all the plasterboard and finishes.For more check out this link snagging construction #3

Key Stage Inspection : Pre-Handover

A pre-handover inspection is required on all plots. For warranty it is required to ensure that all new homes are completed in accordance with NHBC Standards with no defects. Where NHBC is an Approved Inspector for Building Control, it is required to ensure that all completed new homes are compliant with Building Regulations

If all defects and technical conditions have been resolved (and certification provided where required), and a satisfactory pre-handover inspection completed, the final certificate will be issued.

Key Stage Inspection : Drains visual & Drains Testing

drainage visual

A drain test evaluates the drainage system’s functionality by filling it with water to detect leaks or blockages, ensuring proper water and waste removal. Conversely, a drains visual inspection involves physically examining the system for visible defects or irregularities such as damage, corrosion, or incorrect installations. Both procedures are essential in ensuring the proper functioning and longevity of the drainage system, identifying issues early to prevent potential problems and maintain the building’s integrity.

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