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The NHBC is the housing industry’s leading and majority warranty provider , Providing policies on new build homes

“We began as the National House Builders Registration Council in 1936 to tackle the sub-standard building practices seen in the inter-war years. Our aim was simple – to increase the professionalism and care shown by house builders, therefore improving the finished home for the homeowner”

The business employs over 1,300 staff across the UK, including c. 400 building inspectors who carry out and collect data from around 1 million key stage inspections on house-builder sites across the country each year. These inspections and the data collected helps us support the industry in the delivery of high-quality, new homes.

The standards set out by NHBC are what set the highest standards in new build homes annually NHBC run awards for developers on build quality & site control

Pride in the jobs awards are an industry renowned accomplishment

  1. The NHBC will pay for the house to be completed if the housebuilder goes out of business. This is limited to £100,000 or 10 percent of the purchase price, whichever is the least.
  2. In the first two years of the warranty period snagging defects are covered, which currently exclude defects caused by normal drying out. If an NHBC registered builder does not deal with these defects within a reasonable time period then you can use the NHBC resolution service.
  3. A 10-year warranty against structural defects, although this is primarily an insurance policy for the housebuilder.

It is important to note that a warranty does not mean that a new property will be free from defects or snags they are your insurance warranty provider

The National House Building Council plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and standards of new homes in the United Kingdom. To monitor on-site quality, the NHBC employs a comprehensive and rigorous inspection process, encompassing various stages of construction. This proactive approach is essential to guarantee that homes meet the required standards for safety, durability, and overall quality.

Monitoring process begins with an initial assessment of the construction plans and designs. This stage involves a thorough review to ensure that the proposed construction adheres to building regulations and own standards. This pre-construction scrutiny sets the foundation for a quality build, emphasizing compliance with industry benchmarks.

As construction progresses, the NHBC conducts on-site inspections at key stages of the building process. These stages typically include the foundation, superstructure, weathertightness, first fix, and completion. Build inspectors assess various elements, such as structural integrity, fire safety, and adherence to building regulations. This ongoing scrutiny ensures that any potential issues are identified and addressed promptly, minimizing the risk of defects in the final product.

NHBC inspectors are trained professionals with expertise in construction and building regulations. Their role is to act as an independent third party, providing an objective evaluation of the construction process. By conducting regular site visits, the build inspector can verify that the workmanship and materials used meet the required standards, promoting consistency and reliability in the construction industry.

In addition to on-site inspections, operating a series of quality assurance initiatives. This includes the build Standards, a set of guidelines that define the technical requirements for new homes. Builders and developers must adhere to these standards, and failure to do so can result in non-compliance issues and potential delays.

Moreover, the NHBC offers a Buildmark warranty, providing homeowners with a comprehensive insurance-backed guarantee on their new home. This warranty not only gives homebuyers confidence in the quality of their investment but also acts as an incentive for builders to maintain high standards throughout the construction process.

In conclusion, the monitoring of on-site quality involves a multifaceted approach, from pre-construction assessments to regular site inspections and the implementation of stringent standards. By actively engaging in the construction process, the NHBC plays a pivotal role in upholding the quality and integrity of new homes across the UK.

For further information visit the NHBC’s website at www.nhbc.co.uk or contact them at the address below:

NHBC (National House-Building Council)
NHBC House
Davy Avenue
Milton Keynes

Tel: 0344 6331000

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