Who can conduct a Pre Completion Inspection

Ensure Your New Home is Perfect with a Pre-Completion Inspection

Pre Completion Inspections or PCI are designed to give you peace of mind by making sure your new home is in perfect condition before you move in. Here’s everything you need to know, explained clearly and simply.

What is a Pre-Completion Inspection?

Q: What is a Pre-Completion Inspection?

A pre-completion inspection is a thorough check of your new home before you finalize the purchase. This inspection ensures that all the finishing touches are up to standard and everything is functioning correctly. It’s an important step to make sure your new home is move-in ready.

Q: Why is it important?

A pre-completion inspection is crucial because it helps identify and fix any minor issues or “snags” before you move in. This proactive approach saves you time and hassle, ensuring that you can enjoy your new home without any unexpected problems.

Real-World Example

Imagine this:

You’ve bought a beautiful new home and are excited to move in. Before you do, a qualified inspector checks every detail of your home. They find a few minor issues—like a leaky tap and a misaligned door. Thanks to the inspection, these problems are fixed before you move in, so you can start enjoying your new home immediately, without any worries.

How Does It Work?

Q: Who performs the inspection?

The inspection is carried out by a suitably qualified inspector. This means they are members of recognized professional bodies like RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) or RPSA (Residential Property Surveyors Association). These inspectors follow a standard checklist to ensure every aspect of your home is checked thoroughly.

Q: What does the checklist cover?

The checklist includes a full ‘finishing’ check. This means that the inspector will make sure all basic elements like lights, taps, and doors are working properly. They will also check for any minor cosmetic issues that need to be addressed.

Q: Will this delay my move-in date?

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No, it won’t. The inspection focuses on minor issues that can be quickly addressed, ensuring there are no significant delays. The goal is to make sure your home is in perfect condition without postponing your move-in date.

Your Rights Under the New Homes Quality Code (NHQC)

Q: What is the NHQC?

The NHQC is a set of standards that ensures new homes are built and completed to the highest quality. It entitles you to a pre-completion inspection before legal completion, giving you an extra layer of protection and assurance.

Q: How does the NHQC benefit me?

The NHQC ensures that your new home meets acceptable standards and that any issues are addressed promptly. Developers are required to inform you of your right to an independent inspection, which provides additional protection and peace of mind.

Q: Who can perform the inspection under the NHQC?

Inspectors must be members of recognized professional bodies like RICS, RPSA, CIOB (Chartered Institute of Building), or ICWCI (Institute of Clerks of Works and Construction Inspectorate). They must also hold relevant Professional Indemnity Insurance and use the agreed checklist for the inspection.

Why Choose Us?

Q: What sets us apart?

Our inspectors are highly qualified and regulated by RPSA, ensuring a thorough and professional inspection. We provide detailed reports quickly, so you can move into your new home with confidence.

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Q: What does our service include?

  • Thorough Inspections: We leave no stone unturned. Our inspections cover all aspects of your new home, from the functionality of lights and taps to the alignment of doors and the quality of finishes.
  • Detailed Reports: Our reports are easy to understand and provide a clear overview of any issues found during the inspection. We also offer professional recommendations on how to address these issues.
  • Quick Turnaround: We understand the importance of time in the moving process. That’s why we ensure that our inspection reports are delivered promptly, usually within 24 hours of the inspection.

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