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About us From Experience to Innovation

When purchasing our new build home, my wife and I encountered various issues: leaks, scratches, paint snags, and more. Unfortunately, the customer care department was slow to respond, and hiring professional snagging exceeded our budget. Determined to find a solution, we embarked on extensive research.

Born in 2023 New Homes Inspections app is been developed for New Home Owners, Not only did we want to build a simple app which would not be daunting for the average family but also educate New Home Owners from all demographics including Owners,Renters,Lanlords builders you get the picture

Our Goal is to educate Home owners and guide them for the New Build Journey acting as a safety book more than a one fits all service

So feel free to join us on this journey there plenty of guidance on our web hub and fell free to try out our dedicated Home Owners snagging app Now for a free trial or contact us via email sales@newhomesinspections.co.uk 

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