Here is a brief overview of frequently asked questions

Can I back out of the purchase agreement, and what are the legal implications?

Depending on the terms outlined in the contract and applicable laws, backing out might involve financial penalties or legal consequences, so it’s essential to review the contract thoroughly.

How much does snagging inspection cost?

Costs vary based on property size and location. It’s an investment in ensuring the quality of your property and averting potential future expenses.

When should snagging be carried out?

It’s ideal to conduct snagging before finalizing the property handover to ensure any issues are rectified by the builder/developer.

How long does a snagging inspection take?

the duration varies based on the property’s size and complexity. Generally, a thorough inspection can take a few hours.Using the Snagging app you can take as long as you want just save each area once inspected!

Can snagging be done after moving in?

Yes, usually a builder will ask for a list 7 days after you move in on a courtesy check,This would be a great time to present the Snaglist

What is a title search , And why is it crucial?

A title search confirms the property’s ownership history, identifies any liens or claims, ensuring you receive a clear title without legal complications.

What happens if snags are discovered after the handover?

There might be a snagging period stipulated in your contract, allowing for issues to be reported and rectified post-handover.

What is snagging

Snagging involves identifying and documenting any defects or issues in a property before or after its completion, ensuring it meets quality standards.

Why is snagging important?

Snagging ensures that your property meets quality standards, addressing any construction issues before moving in, which could otherwise lead to inconvenience and additional expenses later.

Who is responsible for fixing the snags?

Typically, the responsibility lies with the builder or developer to rectify the issues identified during snagging.

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