Congratulations on your new home! It’s an exciting time, and ensuring every corner of your new abode is in pristine condition is essential. Your kitchen, the heart of your home, deserves special attention. Let’s dive into a comprehensive inspection guide to guarantee your kitchen is nothing short of perfect.

How to snag your kitchen

How to Snag your Worktop

Inspect for any cracks, scratches, or stains. Ensure the surface is even and properly sealed.

Cupboard Doors & Drawers

Cupboard units

Check for smooth opening and closing, alignment, and any signs of damage.

Snag your Alignment & Handles

Ensure all elements are properly aligned, and handles are securely fixed without any loose fittings.

Scratches on Sinks & Appliances


Examine sinks for scratches, dents, or leaks. Inspect appliances for functionality and any visible damages.

Extractor Hoods & Surface Joints

Cooker hood

Verify the proper functioning of extractor hoods and inspect surface joints for any gaps or irregularities.

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Cosmetic Repairs & Soft Closures

Handle damage

Look for any cosmetic issues and ensure soft closures are working correctly on drawers and cabinets.

Importance of Wet Testing

Conduct a wet test to check water drainage, avoiding potential issues and ensuring a smoothly functioning kitchen.

Sales Extras & Internal Service Water Feed

Inspect any additional features promised during the sale and verify the internal service water feed.


Ensure proper drainage functionality and illustrate the significance with a real-life scenario.

Correct Fittings & Snagging 

Kitchen door

Verify all fittings are correctly installed and highlight the importance of snagging in identifying potential issues.

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Discover the dedicated home owners snagging app now on the App Store

1. How should I test my worktop’s resilience?

Apply pressure to different areas,slightly lift the overhang of the kitchen worktop to see if there is any movement

2. What should I look for in cupboard doors’ alignment?

Top,bottom and side margins should have a consistent gap

3. Are scratches on sinks a cause for concern?

Generally no but deep scratches should be repaired or sink replaced

4. How do I test soft closures on drawers?

Push drawers or close doors,There should be a slight delay….then close

5. What’s the importance of wet testing?

Checking for leaks and poor fittings

6. Should extractor hoods be tested before use?

Should be tested by a competent person and have a certificate

7. How can one detect hidden damages in appliances?

Check seals,buttons and trays etc

8. Can surface joints impact the kitchen’s functionality?

uneven joints can cause damage & allow moisture to penetrate surfaces

9. What’s the significance of proper drainage?

Prevents water accumulation which can lead to mold,also directs waste efficiently

10. How often should I check for cosmetic damages?

When moving in ideally at legal completion

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This guide provides an easy-to-understand inspection checklist for your new kitchen, ensuring a hassle-free and functional space. Conducting these checks can prevent future problems and ensure your kitchen remains in top condition.

For further detailed guidance, refer to government websites or official bodies specializing in housing regulations and maintenance.

Remember, a properly inspected kitchen is key to a happy and functional home. Following these steps ensures you enjoy your kitchen to the fullest!